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September 2020

09/07/20  Labor Day Holiday, No Meeting.
09/14/20  Teams Meeting:  Safety Meeting - SM Galhoff: Safety Vision & Risk Management
09/21/20  Teams Meeting:   PD/Staff meeting - Maj Kumar:  Promotion roadmap and eligibility
09/28/20  Teams Meeting:   Emergency Sevices/Ops -

  The New Meeting Time for our weekly on-line TEAMS Meetings is:  1900 hours (7PM).
To join our remote Teams meetings, signon to your CAP Office365 account and check your eMail for the meeting invite.  Then at 19:00, select "Join Microsoft Teams Meeting" and you're in.  Best results come while using a headset with a microphone, but you can SpeakerPhone from your computer or phone as well.  Please MUTE unless you want to talk to minimize background noise.

Prior Meetings
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