Prior Meetings...

April 2021

04/05/21  Safety Meeting:  Safety Officer training - 2LT Scott Davis
04/12/21  Emergency Sevices/Ops:  Mission Staff Assistant duties and expecations - Maj Ravin Kumar. 
04/19/21  Professional Development:  Maj Ravin Kumar
04/26/21  Aerospace Education:  Use of Becker-517 and G1000 SAR functions - 2LT Bob Fenton


March 2021

03/01/21  Safety Meeting:  Two subjects tonight:  In Flight Engine Failures - 2LT Bernd Galhoff, and Preparing for Engine Power Loss for Observers and Scanners - 2LT Scott Davis 
03/08/21  Emergency Sevices/Ops:  Ooerations Officer Specialty track - Maj Ravin Kumar
03/15/21  Professional Development:  Review squadron status/reopening, mission activities - Maj Ravin Kumar
03/22/21  Aerospace Education:  Curtis will go over some trips you can use with MS-Teams, and Alex has some aviation chart resources to share.  
03/29/21  Aeromedical Review - Maj Ravin Kumar


February 2021

02/01/21  Safety Meeting:  Safety Down Say - 2LT Scott Davis and 2LT Bernd Galhoff
02/08/21  Emergency Sevices/Ops:  Becoming a CAP Pilot, new resources and procedures - Maj Ravin Kumar
02/15/21  President's Day Holiday - No Meeting this week.
02/22/21  Aerospace Education:  - Icing Conditions and Procedures by 2LT Robert Fenton


January 2021

01/04/21  Safety Meeting:  Ground Team Safety and Preparation - 2LT Bernd Galhoff
01/11/21  Emergency Sevices/Ops:  Basic Navigation and Chart Review - Maj Ravin Kumar
01/18/21  PD resources and AXIS Training - Volunteerism/Communications - Man Ravin Kumar, Promotions by 2LT Keith Rasmussen
01/25/21  Aerospace Education:  - LAX Virtual Tour presented by 2LT Brett Kennedy


December 2020

12/07/20  Safety Meeting:  Non-Mishap Reportable Events - 2LT Scott Davis
12/14/20  Emergency Sevices/Ops:  NextGen Update from Maj Ravin Kumar
12/21/20  No Meeting - Happy Holidays
12/28/20  No Meeting - Happy Holidays


November 2020

11/02/20  Safety Meeting:  Fire Safety & Extinghuisher use - SM Bernd Galhoff 
11/09/20  Emergency Sevices/Ops:  WADS Mission Review - 1LT Al Gibbs
11/16/20  PD resources and AXIS Training - Maj Ravin Kumar 
11/23/20  Aerospace Education:  History and Mission, STEM kit access - 2LT Brett Kennedy
11/30/20  Video Night cancelled, PD reviews - Maj Ravin Kumar


October 2020

10/05/20  Safety Meeting:  SIRS w/Maj Kumar, and Desert Survival with 2LT Daniel Hilgar
10/12/20  Emergency Sevices/Ops:  Ops/Quals with Maj Ravin Kumar 
10/19/20  PD: Mission Observer with 2LT Daniel Hilgar, Specialty Tracks - Maj Ravin Kumar
10/29/20  Aerospace Education - How Satellite Obits work, Trajectories - 2LT Robert Fenton 

September 2020

09/07/20  Labor Day Holiday, No Meeting.
09/14/20  Teams Meeting:  Safety Meeting - SM Galhoff: Safety Vision & Risk Management
09/21/20  Teams Meeting:   PD/Staff meeting - Maj Kumar:  Promotion roadmap and eligibility
09/28/20  Teams Meeting:   Emergency Sevices/Ops - Mission Observer Responsibilities

August 2020

08/03/20  Teams Meeting:   Safety Meting:
08/10/20  Teams Meeting:  Emergency Sevices/Ops - WIMRS:  Have your laptop ready!
08/17/20  Teams Meeting:   PD/Staff meeting, reviewed what's next for all who attended meeting.
08/24/20  Teams Meeting:   AE - Your roll as a SAR Radio Officer with Capt. Oded Yossifor
08/31/20  Teams Meeting:   AE - Density Altitude Operations Capt David Offitzer

July 2020

07/06/20  Teams Meeting:   Basic survival skills for aviation with 2LT Scott Davis
07/13/20  Teams Meeting:  Emergency Sevices/Ops - WIMRS:  Have your laptop ready!
07/20/20  Teams Meeting:   PD/Staff meeting / AE - Airspace and CAP Grids
07/27/20  Teams Meeting:   AE - Night Proficiency Flights with 1LT Al Gibbs


June 2020

06/01/20  Teams Meeting:   Unit Safety Reporting review, Maj Ravin Kumar
06/08/20  Teams Meeting:  Emergency Sevices/Ops - Preflight & Garmin GPS, 1LT Al Gibbs
06/15/20  Teams Meeting:   PD - Inventory, and assignments for upcoming SUI, Maj Kumar    
06/22/20  Teams Meeting:   AE - Airborne Photography with 2d Lt Victoria Schneider
06/29/20  Teams Meeting:   AE - Elon Musk's StarShip w/ Capt David Offitzer

May 2020

05/04/20  Teams Meeting:  Safety - SM Scott Davis on Intermediate Risk Management
05/11/20  Teams Meeting:  Emergency Sevices/Ops - Mission Observer Qualifications SQTR
05/18/20  Teams Meeting:   Professional Development - SUI Introduction    
05/25/20  Memorial Day Holiday - No Meeting this week.

April 2020

04/06/20  First experiment with a Teams Meeting:  Success!  One member was even on a bike!
04/13/20  Teams Meeting:  Wing Commander's Town Hall Meeting 
04/20/20  Teams Meeting:  Core Values    
04/27/20  Teams Meeting:  Understanding Thunderstorms

March 2020

03/02/19  Safety Meeting:  Maj Ravin Kumar - AeroMedical Oxygen and CAP Non-discrimination
02/09/19  Emergency Services - Scanner Training by SM Scott Davis and SM Brett Kennedy 
03/16/19  Due to concerns over Covid-19, this week's meeting is cancelled.  Stay safe.   
03/23/19  Meeting cancelled.  Do a Safety on-line training activity and let Maj Kumar know.
03/30/19  Meeting cancelled.

February 2020

02/03/19  Safety Meeting:  VFR into IMC with 2LT Jeffrey Rocco
02/10/19  Professional Development with Maj Ravin Kumar  
02/17/19  Yes there's a meeting tonight: New Member help and Promotions with Maj Ravin Kumar  
02/24/19  Aerospace Education:

January 2020

01/06/19  Safety Down Day with 2LT Daniel Hilger   
01/13/19  ES:  CAP Emergency Mission review with Maj Ravin Kumar  
01/20/19  Holiday - No Meeting (MLK)
01/27/19  Emergency Services:  HighBird Missions with 1st Lt Oded Yossifor, plus Several members share their recent Night Sarex Experiences.

December 2019

12/02/19  Safety meeting:   
12/09/19  ES:  Emergency Services Missions  
12/16/19  Holiday Dinner at Mimi's 6:30, bring a guest 
12/23/19  Holiday, no meeting.
12/30/19  Holiday, no meeting.  

November 2019

11/04/19  Safety meeting:  Preflight Safety Breifings - 2LT Daniel Hilger 
11/11/19  Holiday - No Meeting  
11/18/19  PD: PRMA ("Preema") replacement of PowerApps - 1LT Al Gibbs 
11/25/19  PD: WMAO Duty procedures and tools - 1LT Al Gibbs  

October 2019

10/07/19  Safety meeting:  Jeffrey rocco - Risk Assessment and Management
10/14/19  Emergency Services:  Manuvering Speed - 1LT Al Gibbs  
10/21/19  Professional Development - Maj Ravin Kumar  
10/28/19  Aerospace Education:  

September 2019

09/02/19  Holiday - no meeting
09/09/19  Safety: Risk Management (ORM)  SM Jeffrey Rocco  
09/16/19  ES: Aerial Photography (AP) training: 2nd Lt Victoria Schneider  
09/23/19  Aerospace Education:   Pilot grouond school: Maj Ravin Kumar
09/30/19  Video Night  

August 2019

08/05/19  Safety meeting:  SM Jeffrey Rocco -Video of Houston crash, traffic, and comm.
08/12/19  Emergency Services:  Mission Observer PPT, SAR POD factors, SM Daniel Hilger
08/19/19  Aviation: Fuel Management by Lt Armando Pueto, MD  
08/26/19  Aerospace: CAP cadet fatal plane crash review / NTSB -by Capt William Morton   

July 2019

07/01/19  Safety meeting:  SM Jeffrey Rocco - Video presentation and discussion on airport congestion, radio communication and a plane crash. 
07/08/19  Emergency Services:  1LT Oded Yossifer - Radio communication and MRO
07/15/19  Flightline:  Night Mini SAR exercise.  In the Hangar: Professional Development and staff meetings, Maj Kumar. 
07/22/19  PAerospace/Ground school:  SM Joshua Frieberg - Airspace   
07/29/19  Capt David Offitzer - His flight to the Oshkosh Airshow, Movie Night:  History and care of the Vulcan (British SAC) 

June 2019

06/03/19  Safety meeting:  Captain Randy Morton:  Aircraft accident investigation at KCPM 
06/10/19  Emergency Services:  Mission Observer training with Maj Ravin Kumar
06/17/19  Flightline:  Night Mini SAR exercise.  In the Hangar: Aerospace Education:  
06/24/19  Professional Development:  

May 2019

05/06/19  Safety meeting:  Maj Ravin Kumar talked about Earth Coordinate Systems and Uniforms.
05/13/19  Special Flight Safety procedures at the recently reopened Catalina Airport, 1LT Al Gibbs.     
05/20/19  Aerospace Education:  1LT Al Gibbs:  The new LMS system. 
05/27/19  Holiday:  Memorial Day - No Meeting tonight.

April 2019

04/01/19  Safety meeting:  Maj Kumar
04/08/19  Emergency Services:  Capt. Curtis Green explained how to carry out a WMAO Duty Assignment.  WMAO duty is a service any CAP member can do, and it does not take a lot of training to make an important contribution to our organizaion.
04/15/19  Professional Development:  Specialty Tracks and how to check your Ground Handling, ICUT and CPT recurrent training status. 
04/22/19  Aerospace Education:  Capt Randy Morton - Reciprocating Engine, Maj Gary Brenner - Engine Maintenance.
04/29/19  Flight Safety and CAP Regulations for flight with Maj Ravin Kumar.

March 2019

03/04/19  Safety meeting:  Maj Kumar  
03/11/19  Emergency Services:  How to operate the Becker Location Finder by 1LT Al Gibbs.
03/18/19  Professional Development:  Blood Pathogens by 1Lt Henry Sanicola.
03/25/19  Aerospace Education:  1st SAREX experience by 2d Lt Victoria Schneider and Capt Randy Morton played a video on Bush Pilots of Alaska.

February 2019

02/04/19  Safety Stand-Down day  
02/11/19  Emergency Services, Maj Brenner demonstrated using eServices to train for Mission Observer, Mission Scanner, Mission Pilot, and Airborne Photographer
02/18/19  Presidents day holiday (no meeting)
02/25/19  Aerospace Education:  Maj Kumar did an Airspace review, and 1Lt Gibbs presented "The Carb Ice Experience" -What it feels like and how to handle it.

January 2019

01/07/19  Safety meeting:  Risk management and Survival with Capt. Randy Morton
01/14/19  Emergency Landings and Catalina Airport runway update with 1LT Al Gibbs
01/21/19  Professional Development, Promotion Eligibility with Maj. Ravin Kumar
01/28/19  CAP Equal Opportunity and Non-discrimination Policy review.  Aerospace Education with Capt. Randy Morton

December 2018

12/03/18  Safety briefing by SM Daniel Hilger.  How to navigate WMIRS with Maj Ravin Kumar
12/10/18  Finance Meeting.  ES: Survival Basics by SM Wesley Williams
12/17/18  Squadron Holiday Dinner:  1830 at MiMi's, casual dress, spouses welcome
12/24/18  Holiday, Christrmas Eve
12/31/18  Holiday, New Year

November 2018

11/05/18  Safety breifing by SM Daniel Hilger.  Aeromedical factors by Maj. Ravin Kumar.
11/12/18  Holiday, Vetran's day
11/19/18  Staff meeting:  Professional development (Forms and accomplishment queries) with Maj Kumar
11/26/18  Aerospace Education with Capt Randy Morton:  NTSB recent events
2 new members attended 3 meetings and applied for membership.
All SUI deficienies corrected and cleared by the IG.
Inventory completed.
CAP465 is back at KTOA

October 2018

10/01/18  Safety meeting: Runway incursions and Safety: Major Kumar
10/08/18  Personal Developent, what it takes to become a CAP pilot with Maj Gary Brenner 
10/15/18  ICUT/Communications with Oded Yossifor.   No night flight, plane still in Annual.
10/22/18  PD: Wellness / Five Pillar - SM Keith Rasmussen 

  Ground School: Airspace with Maj Kumar, SQ updates 1LT Gibbs.  Video:  Bob Hoover Part-2
Aircraft still at Riverside for 100hr inspection.
2 new members attended the SMO Mission Scanner School
2 Members attended the CLC class in Irvine
Communication inventory and Squadron inventory completed
AE activity report was submitted by Capt Morton

September 2018

09/03/18  Holiday:  Labor Day (no meeting)
09/10/18  Safety meeting. Introduction to Safety and ORM by Maj Ravin Kumar
09/17/18  Professional development.  How to progress in CAP.  National Conference updates by 1LT Al Gibbs.
09/24/18  Aerospace Education and National Conference update with Capt. Randy Morton.
O-rides flown by Capt David Offitzer
CD Mission carried-out by Capt. Randy Morton and 1LT Al Gibbs.
CAP265 went in for 100 hr inspection.
Two new members joined the Squadron.

August 2018

08/06/18  Safety meeting: Blood pathogens by Major Ravin Kumar, MD
08/13/18  CAP Uniforms, procedures, and award ribbons by 1LT Al Gibbs.
08/20/18  Professional development: How to use eservices in PD and specialty tract progress by Maj Ravin Kumar.
08/27/18  Search Patterns with Maj Gary Brenner.
SAREX WHP 8/11/18-8/12/18: Participants from SQ 129
Major Ravin Kumar – AOBD 2 days
Major Gary Brenner –MP 1 day
Lt Oded Yossifer – MRO 2 days
Cap Curtis Green – MRO (t) 1 day
SM Keith Rasmussen – MSA (t) 1 day
Aug 23-25: CAP National Conference - Attendees from SQ129:
Major Gary Brenner, major Ravin Kumar, Cap Curtis Brown, Lt Al Gibbs, Lt Oded YOssifer, Cap Randy Morton
3 new members have completed Level 1
1 rank promotion: 1Lt to Captain (Curtis Green)
3 potential new members completed 3 meetings and met with the membership committee and in process of submitting their applications
8/26/18: 6 O-rides done by Capt David Offitzer (cadets from SQ 107)
8/29 and 8/30: 2 SAR flights done by Major Ravin Kumar with a MO trainee.

July 2018

07/02/18  Safety meeting: NTSB REPORTS with Capt Randy Morton
07/09/18  Personal Developent for new and old members with Maj Ravin Kumar 
07/16/18  Emergency Services basics , SAREX introduction by Maj Ravin Kumar
07/23/18  Communications and ICUT by Major Ravin Kumar and 1st Lt Oded Yossifer (Comm Officer)

  Video night by Captain David Offitzer (aerospace education)
Capt David Offitzer successfully completed his form 5 Check ride with Lt Col Shairrie Van Ducer Squadron finance meeting held at CAP hanger ( Finance committee: Major Kumar, cap Offitzer, 1st Lt Gibbs)
2 new member applications got approved and they have completed level 1 on-line and in-person exams.
3 new potential members attended our Monday meeting.
2 new members have completed 3 meetings and met with the membership committee and will proceed with their applications

June 2018

06/04/18  SUI: Members that have reports must be on hand to answer questions.  Other members can get special help on how they can paticipate in an upcoming SAREX.
06/11/18  Monthly safety meeting and a brief on Professionalism in CAP.
06/18/18  *Special Dinner Meeting -- Change of Command:  Meet at Mimi's Cafe 7:30pm.  Wear a uniform if you have one (no flight suits however as nobody will be flying on the 18th).  Nice casual dress is okay too.
06/25/18  Ground School with Capt. Ernest Schubert

May 2018

05/07/18  Safety/PD meeting with Maj Ravin Kumar
05/14/18  Drone basics with 1LT Al Gibbs 
05/21/18  Night proficiency Flight:  Be at the plane in your flight suit at 6:15pm
05/28/18  Memorial Day - No Meeting


April 2018

04/02/18  Safety/PD meeting with Maj Ravin Kumar
04/09/18  Equal Opertunity and Anti-discrimination policy, PDO subjects 
04/16/18  Night proficiency Flight:  Cancelled, plane out for 100hr inspection
04/23/18  Direction finding methods with Maj Gary Brenner

  Video night with David Offitzer:  SpaceX progress and future

Image Link

March 2018

03/05/18  Safety Meeting with Maj Ravin Kumar
03/12/18  Ground School with Capt Ernest Schubert
03/19/18  Night Proficiency Flight (go to Members page to sign-up)
03/26/18  CAP Mini-Apps with 1LT Curtis Green

February 2018

02/05/18  Safety Meeting with Maj Ravin Kumar
02/12/18  CAP Airborne Photographer basics with 1LT Al Gibbs
02/19/18  Night Proficiency Flight (go to Members page to sign-up)
02/26/18  SAREX preparation and Sign-up with 1LT Al Gibbs

January 2018

01/01/18  Holiday
01/08/18  Safety/PD meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
01/15/18  The history and future of Buffalo Springs Airport (KAVX) with 1LT Al Gibbs
01/22/18  Night proficiency Flight:  Be at the plane in your flight suit at 6:15 tonight

  Video night with David Offitzer

December 2017

12/04/17  Safety Meeting with Maj Ravin Kumar
12/11/17  Holiday Dinner at Mimi's 7pm
12/18/17  Night Proficiency Flight (go to Members page to sign-up)
12/25/17  Holiday - No Meeting

November 2017

11/06/17  Safety Meeting with Maj Ravin Kumar
11/13/17  CAP Mobile Apps with 1LT Al Gibbs
11/20/17  Night Proficiency Flight (go to Members page to sign-up)
11/27/17  Video Night with Capt David Offitzer

October 2017

10/02/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
10/09/17  Emergency Services / Professional Dev with Ravin and Al
10/16/17  Night proficiency Flight
10/23/17  Getting and using your Wing-X software with 1LT Al Gibbs

  General meeting

September 2017

09/04/17  Holiday - Labor Day
09/11/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
09/18/17  Ground School with SM Ernest Schubert
09/25/17  Night Proficiency Flight

August 2017

08/07/17  Professional Development with Capt Ravin Kumar
08/14/17  Squadron aircraft and training updates with Maj Brenner
08/21/17  Night Proficiency Flight (go to Members page to sign-up)
08/28/17  Video Night with Capt David Offitzer

July 2017

07/03/17  Safety meeting with Capt Randy Morton
07/10/17  LA TRACON Corridor Route changes with 1LT Al Gibbs
07/17/17  Night Proficiency Flight - Cancelled
07/24/17  Hands-on CAP GPS training with 1LT Al Gibbs 
07/31/17  Video night with Capt David Offitzer

June 2017

06/05/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
06/12/17  Ground School with SM Ernest Schubert
06/19/17  Night proficiency Flight
06/26/17  Surprise presentation by Capt Randy Morton

May 2017

05/01/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
05/08/17  METARs and TAFs with SM Ernest Schubert
05/15/17  Night Proficiency Flight
05/22/17  In Flight Emergencies - 1LT Al Gibbs
05/29/17  Memorial Day

April 2017

04/03/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
04/10/17  Ground School with SM Ernest Schubert
04/17/17  Night Proficiency Flight -Cancelled
04/24/17  Professional Development -Promotions with Capt Ravin Kumar

March 2017

03/06/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
03/13/17  Ernest teaches us something -NEW-
03/20/17  Night Proficiency Flight -Cancelled
03/27/17  Aerospace Education /SpaceX with 1LT David Ofitzer


February 2017

02/06/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
02/13/17  Ground school with SM Ernest Schubert
02/20/17  Possible Night Proficiency Flight
02/27/17  LPR training and exercise with 2LT Gibbs and Maj Brenner

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January 2017

01/09/17  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
01/16/17  Regular "Planning" meeting (CAP airplane is down for the next 2 months)
01/23/17  MOUs with Maj Gary Brenner
01/30/17  Water landings without floats with 1LT Al Gibbs

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December 2016

12/05/16  Safety meeting with 1LT Randy Morton
12/12/16  Regular meeting (CAP airplane is down for the next 3 months)
12/19/16  Holiday dinner at MiMi's meet with your guest at 6:30pm
12/26/16  Holiday - No meeting

November 2016

11/07/16  Safety meeting with 1LT Randy Morton
11/14/16  Mastering high-altitude dynamics with Ernest Schubert
11/21/16  There WILL be a regular meeting tonight (our plane is having its annual inspection)
11/28/16  Orides with Cadet and Parent input with SM Cody Visser

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October 2016

10/03/16  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
10/10/16  Noise Abatement:  Your rights & strategies while being a good neighbor - 2Lt Gibbs
10/17/16  Night Proficiency Flight:  Aircraft unavailable due to damaged throttle
10/24/16  Professional Development / ES with Capt Ravin Kumar
10/31/16  Holloween - No meeting

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September 2016

09/05/16  Holiday (Labor Day, no meeting)
09/12/16  Safety meeting with Capt Ravin Kumar
09/19/16  Night Proficiency Flight
09/26/16  Aerospace Education with Ernest Schubert

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August 2016

08/01/16  Safety Meeting / SUI Review with Capt Ravin Kumar
08/08/16  Aerospace Education by 1LT Bill Morton
08/15/16  Night Proficiency Flight
08/22/16  O-Rides by Cody Johnston
08/27/16  Squadon129/107 Summer BBQ at Rolling Hills Aviation.
Noise Abatement presentation by Phil Bradshaw EQ Officer -Meet at GAC

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July 2016

07/04/16  Holiday - No Meeting
07/11/16  Safety Meeting - with Capt Ravin Kumar
07/18/16  Night Proficiency Flight
07/25/16  The Perils of Lease-Backs with SM William Cesan

Image libnk

June 2016

06/06/16  Safety Meeting - with Capt Ravin Kumar 
06/13/16  Professional Development Night:  Get help and help others
06/20/16  Meeting in the Hangar at 1830 to prepare for upcoming inspection and tests.
06/27/16  ADSB Equipage and what's in it for you by 2LT Al Gibbs


May 2016

05/02/16  Safety Meeting (TBA) - with Capt Ravin Kumar 
05/09/16  Where do we go from Here -Revisited w/G1 Dep.Charles Christian 
05/16/16  Night Proficiency Flight
05/23/16  History of the CheckList (B17) with 2LT Al Gibbs
05/30/16  Holiday, Memorial Day (no meeting)


April 2016

04/04/16  Safety Meeting - with Capt Ravin Kumar 
04/11/16  Where do we go from Here? with Charles Christian 
04/18/16  Night Proficiency Flight
04/25/16  Weight & Balance with SM Ernest Schubert
04/29/16 Wing Excercise, Gellespi Field (weekend SAREX/DREX)

Weight and Banance

March 2016

03/07/16  Safety Meeting - TBA with Capt Ravin Kumar 
03/14/16  TBA by 2d Lt Michael Penalosa
03/21/16  Night Proficiency Flight - Montgomery 
03/28/16  Video Night with 1st Lt David Offitzer

February 2016

02/01/16  Safety Meeting "First Aid Training" with Capt Ravin Kumar 
02/08/16  "Night Flying, Gadgets and Things that Don't Go Bump in the Night" - 2LT Al Gibbs
02/15/16  Night Proficiency Flight  - No CAP aircraft available
02/22/16  Ground School Education - TBA by SM Ernest Shubert
02/29/16  TBA by SM John Stickelmaier  

January 2016

01/04/16  Safety Meeting - Form-71Aircraft Inspections with Capt Ravin Kumar 
01/11/16  CAP Regulation 60-1:  Aircraft Operations by Capt Gordon Hughes
01/18/16  Night Proficiency Flight - No CAP aircraft available
01/25/16  Flight Simulation with SM William Cesan

December 2015

12/07/15  Safety Meeting "Runway Incursions" with Capt Ravin Kumar
12/14/15 Squadron 129 Holiday Dinner, 7pm at Mimi's, casual (no uniforms)
12/21/15  Holiday Break - No CAP plane available
12/28/15  Holiday Break (no meeting)

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November 2015

11/02/15  Safety Meeting - Flying:  "Risk factors and Decision Making" with Capt Ravin Kumar 
11/09/15  Landing by Google - 2LT Al Gibbs
11/16/15  Night Proficiency Flight - No CAP plane available
11/23/15  Ground School / Aerospace Education by SM Ernest Shubert
11/30/15  Mission Scanner procedures in eServices with Capt Ravin Kumar


October 2015

10/05/15 Safety Meeting - "Hydration" by Capt Ravin Kumar
10/12/15  Video:  Flying the Feathered Edge, The Bob Hoover Project
10/19/15  Night Proficiency Flight - No CAP plane available
10/26/15  Professional Development, Capt Ravin Kumar 


September 2015

09/07/15 Labor Day Holiday - No Meeting
09/14/15 Safety Meeting - "Icing" by Capt Ravin Kumar
09/21/15 Night Proficiency Flight - No CAP plane available
09/25/15 California Wing Conference Newport Beach (Fri-Sun)
09/28/15 Video Night with 1LT David Offitzer

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August 2015

08/03/15 Safety Meeting - Safety Reporting excercise with Capt Ravin Kumar 
08/10/15 Getting started in Emergency Services (ES) - 2LT Al Gibbs
08/17/15 Night Proficiency Flight - No CAP plane available
08/24/15 Personal Development "PDO" night with Capt Ravin Kumar
08/31/15 Uniform Night with 2LT Al Gibbs

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July 2015

07/06/15 Safety Meeting - Survival basics for air and ground crews by Capt Ravin Kumar 
07/13/15 Elper night (ELT search exercise) with Maj Gary Brenner
07/20/15 Night Proficiency Flight - KSBA in Maj Brenner's Barron
07/27/15 "Big Picture" with 1LT Curtis Green

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June 2015

06/01/15 Safety Meeting - Aero-Medical factors by SM Ravin Kumar 
06/08/15 Video Night
06/15/15 Night Proficiency Flight (cancelled -aricraft not available)
06/22/15 CPR Certification by SM Ravin Kumar
06/29/15 Aircraft awareness night by 1LT David Offitzer

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May 2015

05/04/15 Safety Meeting - by SM Kumar 
05/11/15 ELT Ground Search
05/18/15 Night Proficiency Flight -Aircraft not available
05/25/15 -No Meeting (Memorial Day Holiday)

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April 2015

04/06/15 Safety Meeting - Hazard ID and risk assessment for planning activities by SM Kumar
              Also, Maj Brenner covered the official CAP Non-Discrimination Policy:  R36-1. 
04/13/15 Special guest from "Flight Path" simulators, Professional Development by SM Kumar
04/20/15 Night Proficiency Flight -Aircraft not available.
04/27/15 Cyber Security by SM Gibbs / also:  the -NEW- CPPT

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March 2015

03/02/15 Safety Meeting - Mountain Flying by SM Dr.Kumar 
03/07/15 CAP Congressional Gold Medal presentation at March AFB Museum
03/09/15 Runway signage by SM Gibbs Practice Here 
03/16/15 Night Proficiency Flight - Cancelled due to aircraft maintenance
03/23/15 SLS and e-Services Website by SM Gibbs
03/30/15 Week-5 - NORDO communications by 2LT Gibbs
03/31/15 Deadline to register for SLS or CLC at Bracket on April 18-19

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February 2015

02/02/15 Safety Meeting - Spatial Disorientation by SM Dr.Kumar
02/09/15 Ground School by SM Kim
02/16/15 Night Proficiency Flight - MYF
02/21-22 DREX at Whiteman
02/23/15 First Aid Class by SM Kumar

January 2015

01/05/15  Safety Meeting:  Operational Risk Management by SM DR.Kumar
01/12/15  Aerospace Ed by SM Barden
01/19/15  Night Proficiency Flight - Cancelled (WX)
01/26/15  New member assistance

December 2014

12-01 Safety Meeting
12-08 Discussion: Uniform Regulations (CAPR 39-1)
12-15 Annual Holiday Party Mimi's - 7pm. No uniform, bring guest(s) & gift under $20. 
12-22 Holiday (No Meeting)
12-29 Holiday (No Meeting

November 2014

11-03 Safety Meeting
11-10 Discussion / Workshop: WMIRS 2.0
11-17 Fly In: TBD
11-24 New Member Orientation / Specialty Tracks

October 2014

10-06 Safety Meeting 
10-13 Discussion: ELT / Becker 406
10-20 Fly In: TBD
10-27 Discussion: Winter Flying Hazards

Current Schedule
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