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“I want to offer my congratulations to the California Wing and the South Bay Senior Squadron 129 for the excellent work that Capt Gerry Koehler and 2nd Lt Oded Yossifor did on 9 September 2012. The crew of CPF420’s ability to quickly locate the downed C185 seaplane off the coast of Southern California led to an expeditious rescue of the two individuals aboard by United States Coast Guard and the California Highway Patrol rescue assets. The seaplane was damaged and sinking and had the individuals been forced into the water, the temperature and sea conditions would have likely resulted in the individuals succumbing to hypothermia within 20 minutes.

The actions of Capt Koehler and Lt Yossifor highlighted the capabilities of the Civil Air Patrol and, most deservingly, resulted in the National Operations Center awarding a SAVE for the mission.”

-Richard J. Parrotte, Lt Col, USAF

Image Capt Gerry Koehler Image 2nd Lt Oded Yossifor
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